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Quickly measure, 免费加速器app推荐 & improve literacy
in your school today!

With the current focus on literacy, this system provides an effective tool to evaluate & measure the impact of the literacy interventions schools have in place. Literacy Assessment Online is the software that reduces workload and frees up time to spend with pupils.


Your software has been crucial to our journey from
44% of pupils to 73% above chronological ages. Tony Hall

English Lead, James Bateman Junior High


Assess pupils as often as you like at no additional cost.


Rapidly Assess Pupils

  • Quickly assess groups of pupils.
  • Simply test multiple pupils at once using a unique generated school password.
  • Easy to use system with our activate a test and time scale options.
  • Each test takes 20 minutes so you can assess an entire year group very quickly.

免费加速器手机版 Progress

  • Run tests as often as you need.
  • Gain a clear view of individual pupil progress.
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Measure Intervention

  • Provide detailed Ofsted evidence to show that your strategies are having an impact.
  • View results over time to measure effectiveness.

Literacy Support

  • Colour coded results that highlight pupils that require further support.
  • View results as charts to see trends and patterns over time



Save Time! Tests are automatically marked which means instant results, giving you time to focus on the important thing: pupils themselves!


The answer is really simple, you need to identify the pupils who need support the most, intervene and then track their progress, identifying the interventions that work best for them.

With Literacy Assessment Online you can instantly start to see the pupils who need the most support from the colour coded charts and graphs automatically produced for you.


Reading Comprehension

Test (standardised)

Spelling Test



With the current focus on literacy, this system provides an effective tool to evaluate & measure the impact of the literacy interventions schools have in place.
We find Literacy Assessment Online a really useful way of tracking student progress and identifying students who need extra support. We like the fact that the system is very intuitive so the students do not struggle to use it. Nicola Mason

Wilmslow High School

Your software has been crucial to our journey from 44% of pupils to 73% above chronological ages. Tony Hall

James Bateman Junior High


  • We understand the hesitancy some schools have with new computer systems and we offer support to ensure that administration of the assessments is a smooth process.
  • Each school is assigned a member of our team to assist them with implementing the system.
  • Data import of required pupil details.
  • All support requests are answered within 24 hours.*
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*24hour response request are only possible during the working week. Support requests on weekends will be answered Monday.


For Literacy coordinators who need to stay organised & quickly gain an insight into literacy standards across your school, Literacy Assessment Online is the software that reduces workload and frees up time to spend with pupils.


Your demo will take about 30 minutes and we’ll also answer any questions you may have. After the demo, you will have access to a 30-day free trial account.

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